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In 2003, David Bentkowski was elected mayor of Seven Hills, Ohio. The young mayor had an idea – promote his city and meet his favorite celebrities by offering to give them a proclamation. Yes, he realizes that it is absolutely absurd that anyone would care to receive a piece of paper from him with his very important “proclaiming” - that’s the joke.

Over 100 celebrity encounters later, Bentkowski presents “The Power of the Proclamation: Meet Mayor David Bentkowski.” Imagine taking a kid mayor and having him suddenly become his own celebrity. Bentkowski tells everything the “Average Joe” would want to know about these people and his meetings with them. Sure, readers will find out who was a jerk and who was nice. They will also learn all kinds of interesting tidbits about each celebrity and hear crazy stories about the visits. But, while looking for celebrity gossip, readers will find themselves feeling that David Bentkowski’s story is even more interesting. Bentkowski does a masterful job of weaving stories of his personal life into his meetings with the celebrities and it is all done with humor, charm, and brutal honesty. So, if you ever wanted to know what it’s like to flirt with Norah Jones, or party with George Clinton, or dance with Justin Timberlake, or give fashion tips to Gwen Stefani, or have Omarosa shower at your house, then this book is for you. The list of meetings is impressive also including Kevin Costner, Halle Berry, Nick Lachey, Howard Stern, Jesse Jackson, Wesley Snipes, Flea, Martha Stewart, LL Cool J., Gavin Rossdale, Michelle Williams, Paul Schaffer, President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush, Vice President Al Gore, OAR, Drew Carey, Bob Feller, President Bill Clinton, and dozens more.

Best of all, the mayor is just warming up with two years left on his current term and an 82% election rating. Behold the awesome power of the proclamation . . . and laugh along the way.

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